Banks & Financial

In a bank where they have a tightly controlled interior environment ripe with security and technology, and a tireless line of people with nothing to do while waiting in line but to look around.

Banks have plenty of products and services that would probably be of benefit to their customers if only they knew about them. Investment opportunities and products can be presented to consumers on displays positioned in critical locations throughout each facility.

This is why banks are becoming one of the largest venues to embrace Digital Signage.

  • Advertise financial products : loans, banking and investing
  • Combine video and bulletins
  • Deliver important announcements as they happen
  • Database Integration - connect with bank rate databases to show live rates and quotes
  • Respond quickly with emergency announcements
  • Reach a Captive Audience - Run compelling content to reach your clients while they're standing in line


  • Electronic Notice Board at banking hall
  • Digital posters
  • Foreign exchange rates board
  • LED Stock tickers with live financial data
  • Queuing system

Deployment Examples