Cinemas & Entertainment

Entertainment businesses are looking for high-impact digital media applications to transform an ordinary visit of a patron to an interactive and entertaining experience, thereby improving profitability.

Most of these entertainment venues are often large and crowded with excited patrons seeking areas of interest, restaurants, cinemas, shops, etc. The use of Digital Signage to indicate directions will quickly and easily steer them to their desired destinations. Digital Signage can also be used in amusement parks to create exciting video presentations and interactive experience.

Cinemas utilize Digital Signage to show movie trailers, show times, food & beverages special and special promotions. Casinos can use digital signage in slots machines, venue/show information, menu boards, etc. The Digital Signage also provides a unique vehicle for powerful advertising, enhancing the visitors experiences and effective communication.


  • Showtime Information Display
  • Digital menu board
  • Digital posters for movie preview
  • LCD Videowall Screens
  • LED tickerboard

Deployment Examples