Digital Signage is becoming commonplace in the corporate world as a means to communicate to both internal and external staff as well as visitors and customers. The use of Digital Signage in corporate communications has resulted in better communication, information dissemination and training that is gradually replacing ignored email messages, unnoticed print-outs and expensive training.

Corporate communications today is no longer a small easy matter. As organizations grow bigger and complex, conveying messages and information to everybody on board becomes more and more complicated.
Many companies face additional challenges of having multiple buildings and campuses, in addition to large numbers of employees without email or Internet access. How an organization communicates internally has great effect on corporate presence and employee's sense of belonging.

Corporate Digital Signage allows companies to convey its corporate messaging effectively and hence smoothly enhancing the corporate identity and branding.

What can you do?

  • Show captured moments of company success through photos or videos
  • Present company vision and mission
  • Feature company leaders and stand-out individuals
  • Add videos of customer testimonials or employee stories
  • Inform viewers about commitments to programs, such as environmental goals or community outreach
  • Announce awards and upcoming events
  • Stream live comments and updates from your company's Twitter or Blog RSS Feed


  • Lobby welcome board
  • Electronic notice board
  • Employee communications display
  • Office building directories and maps
  • Safety board at Industrial facilities

Deployment Examples