Food & Beverages

Food & beverage establishments around the world are beginning to embrace Digital Signage as a method of enhancing their restaurants' high-tech image and increasing revenue.

A Digital Signage system allows a restaurant to promote dinner specials, new dishes, and high margin items using high definition images. These up-selling of higher margin items often leads to increase of average spending of a customer. In an application as a digital menu board, digital signage allow updating of menu items and prices with ease and can be done remotely for all outlets simultaneously. Digital Signage can also be used to keep customers entertained while they wait for a table.

What can you do?

  • Promote monthly cocktail, happy hour and menu specials with vivid images and animation right in front of your customers.
  • Modify pricing, sell-through times and items with a few mouse clicks.
  • Advertise upcoming events and entertainment schedules.
  • Use music video-style content, contemporary cuisine, fashionable drinks and new menu selections to attract and keep hip, young customers.
  • Sell advertising space to related vendors and third-party organizations to create additional revenue.
  • Display suggested items, combos and specials to customers in line before they get to a counter, decreasing wait times and increasing sales of your most profitable offerings.


  • Digital menu board
  • Digital posters of food items and promotion
  • Interactive menu
  • Mobile tablet-based emenu ordering system
  • LCD Videowall display for entertainment

Deployment Examples