Government & Public Sector

Today's government organizations are benefitting by improving communications with employees and customers through digital media systems. Digital Signage is increasingly being used in the public sector to inform, educate and unite communities as well as help the public in the tireless queues. On-demand training systems are also used to improve employee knowledge and performance.

Digital Signage solutions enable a wider section of the public as well as internal staff to benefit from the effective communication of digital signage, hence improving customer and employee experiences with the public sector.

What can you do?

  • Deliver important news and announcements as they happen
  • Share emergency messages such as extreme weather or transport information
  • Show event schedules with on-time updates
  • Target audiences with relevant programs
  • Show live traffic, stock and sports information
  • Supplement training and education programs


  • Lobby welcome board
  • Electronic notice board
  • Employee communications display
  • Office building directories and maps
  • Queuing System