Hotels & Conferences

Hospitality Digital Signage has been adopted by hotels, resorts, restaurants, casinos, cruise ships around the world to enhance the guest's experience. Information signage in conference areas and lobbies, activity advertising for guests, lobby, bars, restaurants, pubs. Interactive kiosks that provide tourist with information to make their vacation experience pleasant. When it comes to the hospitality and accommodation industry, it's the guest's experience that makes all the difference.

To make the guests feel welcomed and at home, effectively communicating with the guests is vital. Whether communication is on a personal level, a conference hosting level or providing communication facilities via business centre, Digital Signage have become part of the hospitality landscape.

What can you do?

  • Welcome conference groups with personalized messages
  • Provide directory, facilities and events information to visitors
  • Generate revenues with advertising
  • Promote hotel loyalty programs and registration benefits
  • Deliver important announcements as they happen
  • Advertise upcoming events and entertainment schedules
  • Share emergency alerts and live weather, traffic, stock and sports information


  • Digital Events Directory
  • Electronic Notice Board
  • Digital Posters
  • Meeting rooms display
  • Interactive touchscreen kiosks
  • Wayfinder

Deployment Examples