Office Buildings & Shopping Malls

More and more office buildings and shopping malls are now embracing digital directories in their facilities. The dynamic digital directory can grab a visitor's attention and give modern impression to the visitors. Building tenants information and floor map can be dynamically presented. Updating of directory is just a click away as compared to the hassle of traditional directory. Interactive directory present a different dimension to the visitors with updated information onhand and direction wayfinding conveniences.

What can you do?

  • Lobby Displays - capture this captive audience and show them local advertisements, live TV, news feeds directly from the internet, and welcome messages
  • Building Maps - show visitors easy to follow building and floor maps designed from your original floor plans
  • Building Directories - dynamically display a building directory for your visitors
  • Large Screen display - Impress upon your visitors with a videowall, broadcast events and advertisement in a big way.


  • Building directory
  • Shopping directory
  • Interactive directory and wayfinder
  • Digital Posters
  • LCD videowall screen
  • Indoor LED videowall
  • Outdoor LED videowall

Deployment Examples